Akosua Akoto is a truly excellent trainer. 

 I’m a 60-year-old lifelong exercise nut. Until I hit 50 I had few problems. But after that I had a series of chronic injuries. I was 58 and pretty hobbled by the time I met Akosua. With her patient and professional coaching/training we solved those  problems, all of which stemmed from my lifelong, problematic ways of walking, lifting, working out, bike riding and more. Now I can do all those things without pain and with more efficiency than ever. I’s no exaggeration to say that Akosua changed my life for the better. 

I highly recommend Akosua.  — Jeff D

Jeff D

I highly recommend Akosua Akoto as a trainer for all who are serious about their physical fitness. I
started to work once a week with Akosua 18 months ago, which was 3 months following knee
replacement surgery and 9 months of virtual inactivity. I am 69 years old and had enjoyed a physically
active life prior to my knee collapsing. Today I again feel physically fit: my muscle tone, range of motion,
mobility and stamina are measurably improved. I attribute this to Akosua’s ability to use her truly
comprehensive knowledge of physiology to methodically address my particular physically needs and
limitations. Akosua also carefully gauges my strength and stamina in her selection of exercises for me.
In my training sessions, I am physically challenged, but not overwhelmed, and at the end of an hour I am
thoroughly exhausted. If you are serious about improving your physical fitness, you will not find a better trainer than Akosua. 

Micheal L.

“Training with Akosua has been amazing. Not only have I gotten stronger physically, but each workout helps me to become mentally strong as well. I went from doing bicep curls with 10lb weights to 17.5lb weights. My posture and lower back pain have improved tremendously as well. “

Quynn J.

“I have been working with Akosua for about six months.  She has completely turned around a 69 year old woman with a severely bad back, neck and feet.  She knows the body better than anyone I have ever worked with including physical therapists.  She knows injury and how to heal from them.  She knows how to work with clients to overcome movements they have been fearful of as she helps realign and strengthen the body methodically over time.  And she sets straight misconceptions of how to use your body safely in everyday life. I cannot recommend her enough.  A personal note:  I retired early so I could give back to communities I have connections with.  My volunteer work is very physical and takes me out of town for months.  Last year, I thought I was going to have to find another way to give back.  I had lost too much strength. This year, after six months with Akosua, I am lifting, hauling, and going up and down stairs easily using the skills she taught me and daily exercises to keep balanced until I can return to home base and restart personal training.  If you are thinking about a trainer, do it.  It is worth every penny.”

Alice T.

“Akosua Akoto became my personal trainer 19 months ago.  At the time I had a slight limp that was associated with a 2013 knee surgery.  While I had accepted the way I walked as normal, Akosua saw my limp and worked to correct it.  Not only is the limp completely gone, at my recent 50th College Reunion I wore 4 inch heels for 3 days straight and did not miss a beat.

In addition to fixing my stride, Akosua has made my body stronger.  I can walk with, bend and lift two 15 pound weights. I can climb the stair master for 5 minutes, I can do numerous sets of sit up, body pull ups, and pushups (which I HATE).  I complete most of the horrific challenges she puts my body through twice a week.  And although I complain, she reminds me that I will be fine and will love her down the road.  I still want to lose a few pounds, but my friends tell me I look FIT.  That in of itself is a reason why I love working out under Akosua’s directions.”

Eloise F.

“I was so very grateful and impressed when during our first meeting she began by watching how I moved and then was able to physical adjust my knee enabling me to continue pain free and more balanced. She used our time really well. Her personal rigor and control inspired me. She focused on a different section of my body each week and cycled back. She worked on functional movement as well as coordination, strength and balance often having me use my own body as the weight. Akosua is incredibly precise, attentive and really knowledgeable. Her judgement in the moment was always good. She pushed me hard but I always felt safe because it was clear she could really “see” and understood the body’s mechanics in general and my limits and potential.“

Ronit E.

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