Virtual Training

Get the ASA! Body Studio experience in your own home!

THREE 30-minute virtual training sessions including assessment with fitness and rehabilitation specialist, AKOSUA AKOTO

Participants MUST cleared for exercise by a medical professional before beginning this program.

This package may only be purchased once. Standard virtual training packages are available here

How to Sign Up

What you need

  • Space to move 

  • Set of light weight dumbbells 

  • Set up medium weight dumbbells 

  • Yoga mat 

  • Physio ball 


Circuit Training

Based on metabolic conditioning, circuit training is a form of resistance training using high-intensity for strength building or muscular endurance. A "circuit" is one completion of 3-4 exercises, each of which are organized according set work/rest periods. The circuit is repeated for 2-3 rounds with limited rest. .

The Pyramid System

Pyramid training is a strength training method aimed to increased absolute strength. In a pyramid, one performs an execise for a collection of sets,  that start with a light weight and higher reps, building up to a heavier weight and fewer reps. A full pyramid training set is an extension of this, reducing the weight after you have reached the peak, until you complete the pyramid.

Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight training is exercises are strength training exercises that do not require free weights or machines as the individual's own weight provides resistance against gravity. This training method is generally comprised of compound movements and therefore works to increase cores strength and improve both functional and dynamic strength. 


This is where we put it all together. HIIT (High intensity interval training) is the ultimate workout for overall conditioning and improved glucose metabolism. It is a form of invterval training involving alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. HIIT is genrally 45 minutes and will be followed by a 15 minute Active Isolated Stretch routinge.